The Venus Legacy™ treatments, delivers 100% safe, painless treatments for all skin types, and provides the following immediate and long term results for the face, neck and body. This “too-good-to-be-true” treatment provides:
  Non-surgical Body Contouring. Cellulite Reduction. Wrinkle Reduction. Circumferential Reduction.


 VenusVersa™ is an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment like no other.  With SmartPulse™  technology and a patent-pending cooling system, this simply a, “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” IPL that safely tightens skin, cleans up all forms of skin discoloration, rejuvenates damaged skin cells and comfortably removes hair from head to toe.         


Venus Viva™ works to improve the overall texture of your skin by addressing a wide range of common concerns, including wrinkles, discoloration, acne scarring, and stretch marks. When the face ages, the skins elasticity decreases, discolorations evolve and lines and wrinkles deepen. Venus Viva™ treats it all!         


dRevolution looks at up to 250 bio-markers in your body to determine how optimally your body is functioning.  This information will tell us things like:  How well does your body turn food into energy, how adequately are you dealing with the various stressors that you are exposed to, how efficiently is your GI system functioning, how well are you detoxifying the world your are exposed to….and on and on.  

Hormone Replacement

Most people would say that our hormones go down because we age.  The truth is, we age because our hormones have gone down.  Optimizing those hormones will help each and every one of us to age better.  Adequate hormone levels will increase energy, help you lose weight, build muscle and bone, improve libido, increase mental clarity, improve sleep & depression and prevent age-related disease.

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DOCTOR’S point-of-view

Dr Masters Recommendations

We all want to look and feel our very best, but we don’t want to break the bank or become too high-maintenance.  Listed below are Dr. Masters top recommendations to look and feel GREAT year round without big expense or constant effort


Protect your skin from the aging process with regular maintenance treatments.  All three Venus machines are great for this!


The aging process is often defined as “wear and tear”.  Think of hormones as “healing and repair”.  Without “healing and repair” the body simply mends itself slower and ages faster.


High stress is a major health issue.  Although we cannot just take away your stress, we can directly deal with ones ability to adapt to everyday stress.  It is essential to moving forward and  to LIVING LIFE WELL.

What Our Patients are Saying:

She’s the best!  And her personality is awesome.  She definitely goes above and beyond to make sure her patients are comfortable and happy.  I just love her and her staff.

Dr. Masters has a great approach to metabolic health.  She always has evidence to back up her suggestions.  She is definitely on the cutting-edge when it comes to wellness and anti-aging solutions.

Metabolic Medicine is where it is at.  Don’t just guess where you are and what you need…let her measure it all and find out for sure.  She doesn’t just tell you ‘what’ to do, but also ‘why’!

We are Happy to Help:

Leslie Masters, MD

Dr. Leslie Masters is a physician, an entrepreneur, a speaker, an author and a mother of 3.  Since 2005 she has been the owner and operator of MastersMD, a center for Cosmetic and Metabolic Medicine. 

Rick Barnes, CRNP

Rick is a licensed Nurse Practitioner that cares for dialysis patients as well as works with post transplant patients at the St John Kidney Transplant Clinic. He has been working side by side with Dr. Masters for 3 years. He is certified in all of the Venus Lasers, Botox, Juvederm, and hormone pellet placement. Rick is a graduate of Langston University and received his Master of Science and nurse practitioner training at the University of Oklahoma College of Nursing.

Candice Roberts

Candice is a medical assistant,  phlebotomist, and a certified laser technician with Venus Concepts. She has worked in the medical field for over 12 years. Candice has worked in the field of aesthetics for 8 years at MastersMD. She believes that it is her job to make everyone’s experience at MastersMD the best it can be by ensuring quality care and satisfaction. She is a mother of two. She likes to stay fit, travel, and attend concerts in her free time. 

Stephanie DeWeese

Stephanie is a Certified Nurse’s Technician with more than 4 years of hands-on medical experience. She entered the medical field by joining the Rehabilitation Staff at St. Francis Hospital in 2011, then joining the Master’s MD Staff in 2015. Directly assisting Dr. Masters in procedures, she helps to ensure that all patients’ needs are met to the highest of quality. Stephanie is a graduate of Tulsa Memorial High School and is continuing her education by pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at ITT Tech. She is happily married with two, energetic young boys that keep her busy. She is an avid reader in her spare time and enjoys all aspects of engaging with her family.


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