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June 30, 2016


 “Your hormones don’t go down because you age; you age because your hormones have gone down.” Take a minute and think about this statement. This means if we simply replace hormones that we are low in we will age better. Significantly better. How is easy is that? And, when you compare the price of hormone therapy to all of the other things we do to age better, hormones are a steal!

So what will hormone therapy do for you?

  • INCREASE ENERGY! This is the one very consistent response we get from everyone. And it is a good, healthy, productive energy, not a hyped up caffeine -type energy!
  • HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT! For me personally, I had been on a diet for 4 years ever since menopause put 40 pounds one me and I hadn’t lost a bit. I started using hormone pellets and BOOM in 4 months the extra 40 pounds vanished. HONEST, it was like I took a magic pill! 
  • BUILD MUSCLE! Ever notice how some women (and men) just look frail? Especially post-menopausal women. Well at about 50 they quit making testosterone, therefor they quit building muscle. Without testosterone we don’t build muscle very well. Add back testosterone and those workouts will start to pay off again. 
  • IMPROVE SEX DRIVE! Having too many, “Honey I have a headache” nights? Many women, including pre-menopausal women simply don’t make enough testosterone. The result is low or no libido. We make jokes about it but over the long term this is hard on a relationship. And it’s completely FIXABLE!
  • MENTAL CLARITY! Sick of feeling like an airhead? Balance your hormones and that quick-witted, multi-tasking person you used to be will return. Hormone Therapy will also help with poor sleep, joint and muscle aches and depression. Aside from helping you look and feel better Bio-identical Hormone Therapy will help lower your cholesterol, decrease your risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, memory loss and insulin resistance. Hormone therapy is protective of the breast, brain, bone and heart. Doctor-managed hormone replacement therapy will: 1. help you feel good and… 2. it’s good for you. It’s about time that these two things go together! One last point…years ago studies came out showing that hormone replacement increased your risk for heart disease and breast cancer.

THESE STUDIES WERE NOT DONE ON BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONES!! They were done on synthetic hormones that are foreign to the human body. For example, Premarin, is more similar to equine (HORSE!) estrogen than it is to human estrogen. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have receptors for horse estrogen. I have receptors for human estrogen. Is it really a big surprise that they proved to be not good for you? Bio-identical means these are EXACTLY what your body normally makes. Since that time hundreds of studies on bio-identical hormones therapy have shown them to be safe and actually decrease risk. Labs are FREE. So come on in…at the very least….LEARN YOUR LEVELS!


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  1. Marla Palovik says:

    Dr. Masters, I am a 62 y/o woman and in the past have tried numerous types of HRT including a one-time use of hormone pellets…..none of the replacement methods have ever given me improvement in any of the symptoms you’ve listed….I think there was a slight improvement for about 2 weeks with the pellets, but doctor said levels could not be increased for 6 months when higher percentage pellets could be administered again…needless to say at that point I gave up on HRT. If I remember correctly, I did purchase OTC progesterone cream from a local health food store once and also a compounding pharmacy, but I became very “witchy” and discontinued use….
    I am basically in good health with the exception of a few issues that I take medications for…I have chronic pain with arthritis, degeneration of spinal disks, and osteopenia, as well as low thyroid, fatigue, and depression. Menopause kicked my butt to say the least! So, at this point in my life I’d like to improve overall health, but not sure HRT is an option…

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