Hormone Replacement Therapy

We all strive for balance in our lives, but few of us realize the need for balance in our bodies. Our hormones are responsible for this balance. As we age our hormones decline and as our hormones decline we age…even faster. Low hormone levels show in our health, energy, and appearance. We no longer have the vitality, fitness, beauty, immunity, stamina, libido, wellness and clarity of our youth. Fortunately, hormone replacement therapy can dramatically improve the negative symptoms associated with aging in men and women.  

All About Hormones:

WHY Replace Hormones?

Balanced hormones are essential for good health and disease prevention. As one expert has said, “Our hormones don’t go down because we age, we age because our hormones have gone down.” In other words, not only will adequate hormone levels help you feel better now, they will also protect you as you age preventing many of the chronic diseases associated with aging such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and dementia. Adequate levels of testosterone and estrogen improve energy, help with weight loss, improve mental clarity and build muscle and stamina. As BioTE proudly says, “Age Healthier, Live Happier”. Scientifically proven, time tested and life-changing. At MastersMD laboratory evaluation is free…LEARN YOUR LEVELS!

WHY Choose Pellets & WHY BioTE?

Evidence shows that hormone pellets are the most effective way to achieve therapeutic levels of hormones continuously. Injections peak in the first few days and then bottom out, creams can rarely achieve a therapeutic hormone levels even when applied twice a day and taking estrogen orally carries risks of increased clotting. Pellets not only do the best at getting people to even, continuous hormone levels, but also are most often the less expensive and most hassle free route of hormone replacement.

HOW Will My Health Benefit?

The health benefits of hormone replacement therapy are well documented in the medical literature. Keeping our hormone levels optimized will decrease our risk for heart disease, diabetes, sexual dysfunction, memory loss and osteoporosis to name a few of the health benefits. As we age we face many health related battles that had never seemed to be an issue during the younger years. Once again, “Our hormones don’t go down because we age, we age because our hormones have gone down”. Keeping our hormone levels optimized will help prevent many of these purely age-related maladies.

HOW Will I Feel?

This is the fun part! Besides the numerous health and aging related benefits to replacing low hormones, there are unbelievable and often life-changing benefits simply in how we feel. These benefits include improved energy and stamina, increased ability to build bone and muscle, better quality sleep, improved sex drive and performance, easier weight loss and maintenance, decrease in depressive symptoms, improved healing and repair and decrease in age-related disease. These benefits are not subtle, they are real, many are immediate and for some they are life-changing.

WHO Should Consider Hormone Replacement?

Hormone replacement is NOT simply for the 50+ crowd. As we age our hormones naturally decline. So obviously those in the older age groups 50+ will most definitely benefit from hormone replacement. However, we are all unique and hormone levels go down in different people for different reasons at different times. Low levels of testosterone are often seen in men and women in their 20’s and 30’s. The point is, “LEARN YOUR LEVELS”!

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