Botox Injections

With years of experience, MastersMD is Tulsa’s gold standard for non-surgical cosmetic treatments.  MastersMD offers BOTOX® treatments not only to eliminate wrinkles, contour both face and body, but also to treat migraine headaches and excessive sweating.  Ask Dr. Masters today if BOTOX® is right for you.

Botox Treatments


Many of the wrinkles in the upper face are caused from repetitive use of the muscles of expression.  When we are surprised we raise our eye brows and when we are concentrating many of us squint the eyes.   These expressions repeated over and over as we age eventually leave creases in the skin a.k.a. wrinkles. Botox reverses these “signs of aging” by temporarily paralyzing the muscles that make the expressions.  The results: elimination or softening of these  dynamic wrinkles which results in a younger more refreshed appearance.


Some women are born strong square-shaped jawlines. This Botox technique allows us to sculpt the main jaw line muscle, called the Masseter, to create a more gradually sloping feminine jaw line.


Intradermal BOTOX® is a procedure that benefits those with oily skin, skin inflammation as a result of acne, and pore size. Intradermal BOTOX® gives you a beautiful smooth, poreless, matte finish to your skin and a gentle lift, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.


Many people suffer with over-active sweat glands and excessive perspiration. This disproportionate sweating can be unsightly and embarrassing. MastersMD offers Intradermal BOTOX® injections  for those that suffer from this frustrating condition.  The results from this treatment can be life-changing.

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