Rejuvenation lasers have been the mainstay of nearly all Cosmetic medicine practices for over two decades and I am happy to say they are still going strong.  MastersMD is happy to announce the arrival of the newest, most advanced laser on the market, the VenusVersa. The experts at VenusConcept  have thrilled us in the past with their ingenuity and expertise and with the FDA approval of the Versa they have once again raised the bar. From pain-free hair removal to its compatibility for all skin types the Versa sets a new standard. The VenusVersa can: 1. Remove sun spots, age spots and spots left behind after blemishes, 2. Close capillaries, veins and vessels – from the blush on the cheeks to the deep blue veins on the lower extremities, 3. Painlessly remove hair from even the most delicate of areas 4. Stimulate lax and aging collagen resulting in smaller pores, fewer wrinkles, softer lines and tightening of the skin. Quite honestly, there is not much we cannot repair, remove or rejuvenate with the VenusVersa!! 

Versa Treatments

Eliminate Sun Spots

Have you ever looked closely at the skin of a young child? It is all one color! Now look at the skin of an aging person…heck just anyone older than 21. It is subtle at first but even by the ripe old age of 21 discolorations in the skin are beginning to form. Discoloration is one of the earliest changes that we see in our skin. It is one of the first signs that the wear and tear of time are beginning to take their toll.   Most of us think of color changes from the sun, however there are many other causes of discoloration like, rosacea, acne, scars and superficial capillaries. Fortunately the Versa can fix them all and all at once.  Face, neck, chest….down to the tips of the toes, the Versa can correct it all.

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Tighten and Perfects

We all know that dewy fresh look of young healthy skin. At one time or another almost all of us had that look. Smooth, supple skin with a healthy glow so vibrant it makes the whole face sparkle. It happens very slowly to the point that we almost don’t even notice until one day it’s just gone. Now let me be clear, I am not talking about the absence of lines or wrinkles, or taught, tight flawless skin. I am talking about the healthy glow that skin of any age puts off when it is being well cared for.  Versa is the answer.


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A New Kind of Laser Hair Removal!

Nothing more beautiful than long, full shiny hair! Unless it is in the wrong spot of course. Seems like that is the case more than half the time!! We don’t have hair where we want it and we do have it where we don’t want it. Removing unwanted hair has been around for eons and there have been hundreds of different ways and means developed to deal with it. The dream of permanent hair removal came about with the advent of the laser and people flocked by the hundreds to the nearest laser.  Sadly they soon dicovered the issue…OUCH!  MastersMD Introduces the VenusVersa…PAIN-FREE HAIR REMOVAL. You gotta try this! 



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Closes Capillaries and Spider Veins

Some call it naturally rosy cheeks and others call it rosacea, regardless of what you call it, it is simply superficial capillaries caused both from heredity and from damage.  Under a magnified, polarized light what is seen are dozens of microscopic, superficial capillary networks.  When they appear on the legs we call them spider veins.  For the most part these come from something other than damage to the skin, usually long hours on the feet.  The solution is the same VenusVersa!