The Juvederm Family

The Juvederm family of products are the beauty industry’s the non-surgical answer for facial contouring and lifting.  Originally designed for specific enhancement and augmentation of areas like the lips or chin, fillers have, “come a long way baby”.  With nearly two decades of experience in the Cosmetic Medicine field Dr. Masters is Tulsa’s leader when it comes to facial fillers.  MastersMD invites you to visit us for a free, consultation.  
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The Juvederm Family of Treatments:

Lip & Chin Augmentation

Lip augmentation is the only non-surgical procedure that can help your lips look fuller, more supple, and sexier. This procedure can reduce lip wrinkles and smoker’s lines to smooth out the lip area or it can be used to simply plump-up thin, disappearing lips.  But come on, just admit it, beautiful full lips are pretty amazing…so if you simply love that look don’t be afraid.  Juvederm in the hands of an experienced aesthetic physician can make anyone’s lips naturally fuller, smoother, sexier and more defined.  Everyone loves a prettier pout!  Chin augmentation is a common procedure that is performed to correct a “weak” chin, smooth and strengthen the jawline and improve the balance of the facial profile. 

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Cheek Enhancement

Most people don’t walk around thinking, “I wish my cheeks were bigger,” yet add a little lift to your cheeks and voila, the nasal-labial folds soften, cheek wrinkles or scars vanish and the jaw-line is better defined. Men or women, young or old…..this is an amazing, immediate-gratification procedure that gives quick, natural, long-term results.  As contrary as it sounds…filling the cheeks fixes the jowls and adding volume to the face actually makes the face look slimmer.  Come in and Dr. Masters will show you what fillers can do for you.

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Dark Under-eye Circles

Dark circles under the eye are unsightly, and make the face look tired and older. Until recently the only solutions were at home remedies or “lightning creams”, all of which seemed to help very little.   Today, advanced aesthetic procedures gives us options that really work.  If you have dark circles under your eyes, you’re not alone. It’s a very common problem, caused by a wide variety of different conditions, After Dr. Masters evaluates you she will recommend a solution that will work for you.  The remedy may be simpler than you realize!



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