Science is now discovering what the ancient healing traditions have always known…That every person is unique…and the more detailed our understanding of the whole person the earlier we can detect and correct imbalances that lead to aging and disease.
  This in the “new medicine”.
  This is dRevolution.

Our dRevolution Program

How Does dRevolution work?

Dr. Masters will meet with you and based on your visit will then order a laboratory evaluation that will look at up to 250 bio-markers that indicate what is going on “inside your body”. This evaluation looks at things like, vitamin, mineral and essential nutrient levels, how well you are metabolizing your foods to energy, GI health, neurotransmitters, inflammatory markers, detoxification status and hormone levels.  Dr. Masters will spend and entire hour with you reviewing your work-up and explaining your next course of action.  The final step of the initial work-up, Dr. Masters will formulate a customized nutriceutical according to your specific and unique needs.  This is truly the end of one-size-fits-all medicine.  The ultimate goal is to help you,

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Why Should I Consider dRevolution?

• To look, feel and be younger, stronger and more energetic • To minimize age-related decline and disease • To increase physical and sexual vitality • To sharpen mental acuity, concentration and memory • To address ailments such as insomnia, anxiety and depression without prescription medication • To replenish hormones that decrease with age and accelerate the aging process • To optimize your weight, fitness, nutrition by scientifically re-balancing your metabolism • To naturally add vitality, vim and vigor back into your life!


We offer easy pay plans with 0% financing for up to 12 months.
  It only takes just minutes. Our financing assistant will walk you through it.

WHO Can Benefit From dRevolution?

Positively every one! From 16 to 86 the benefits from keeping your body metabolically optimized are limitless. With Masters Metabolic you will eat better, sleep better, relax better, learn better, exercise better, endure stress better, perform better, feel better, look better…..in short, BE BETTER! 



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